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Quality, Flavor, Health

Clearbrook Foods, a new division of Clearbrook, provides the healthiest, highest quality, flavorful food products from the United States and around the world. The quality and flavor of the food we eat contributes to our quality of life and our health. Certain foods are known to have enriched nutritional value and elevate our physical health, vitality. and overall quality of life. Clearbrook Foods is committed to you and to delivery of the finest products of their kind for your enjoyment. Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil is Certified Organic in the USA and Europe. All claims, labels, and web site content have been submitted and are USDA and FDA approved. Clearbrook Foods will never announce a product is ready for markets until everything is considered, validated, approved and inventory is immediately available.

An Age-Old Tradition of Excellence

Clearbrook is launching a new brand, Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil from Spain.

Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil is the result of centuries of olive oil production. Italian Picual Olive Trees were planted for hundreds of years in the nutrient-rich topography of the Andalusian land of Spain to take advantage of climate, soils, and elevations perfect for growing the best olives and producng a superior grade of olive oil. The extreme quality and delicate flavor of our olive oils is determined by the type of olives, the growing conditions, our olive oil production process, and even our very special packaging. More about Castillo de Piñar...

Castillo de Pinar Extra Virgin Olive Oil -250ML Bottle
Castillo de Pinar Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ML Bottle
Your Price: $8.49

The excellence of Castillo de Pinar's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born in olive farming traditions carried down through generations. Select handpicked Picual Olives give body to this elegant oil whose characteristics correspond to International Olive Council (IOC) standards. It contains no additives or blends, preserving its aroma, flavor and health benefits. more info
Castillo de Pinar Pomace Oil - 10L
Castillo de Pinar Pomace Oil - 10L
(866) 834-4356

Castillo de Pinar Pomace Oil is ideal for high volume deep frying because of its very high smoke point. Its flavor is extremely light, so it leaves no taste influence on the food. It comes in a Bag-in-Box container that is sturdy and convenient. more info
Castillo de Pinar Virgin Olive Oil - 10L
Castillo de Pinar Virgin Olive Oil - 10L
Your Price: $149.00

Castillo de Pinar Virgin Olive Oil is light green in color with a fruity aroma produced by the Arbequina Olive which leaves a deep impression on the palate. As a lighter flavor oil it is a perfect balance of Picual and Arbequina olives more info