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Castillo de Pinar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -10L
Castillo de Pinar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -10L BIB

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Castillo de Piñar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 10L BIB

USDA Certified Organic

Organic Certified Olive Oil Clearbrook Foods

Our USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no additives or blends, preserving its aroma, flavor and health benefits. Our olives are harvested just before becoming fully ripe, at their peak of freshness. Our trees are tended using only approved organic methods, without pesticides, to preserve the highest levels of flavor, nutrients and antioxidants. We hand-pick only the freshest and healthiest olives from the tree, assuring the highest quality olive oil.

Certified Organic

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), by Andalusian Comité of Organic Farming Association (CAAE), and the European Union Commission on Agriculture & Rural Development (EU Organic).

Fresh Aroma & Robust Flavor

A fresh and fruity aroma with the slight fragrance of a recently mown lawn and fresh green apples.

The flavor is full-bodied, fresh and robust. Our oil conveys a buttery quality, a touch of wood, a hint of tannin and a smooth finish on the palette with a slightly peppery aftertaste.

Versatile in the Kitchen

Excellent with salads and fresh or grilled vegetables, either as a dressing or vinaigrette. Also useful in the preparation of all types of meat, fish and seafood. Outstanding when folded into pasta, seasonings and marinades.

100% Picual Olives

Castillo de Piñar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively with Picual olives. Picual olives enhance prepared foods both in appearance and by adding a sweet and peppery finish to the taste. The best OEVOO and EVOO come from Picual Olives. These olives take their name from the pointed shape (peak) of the olive. Originally from Jaén and surrounding areas such as Granada and Cordoba, Picual Olives are the most highly sought after variety and produce oil known for its floral aroma, distinctive flavor, high Oleic Acid Content, and high Stability Rate.

Bag-In-Box Packaging

Sturdy & Convenient BIB's Preserve Olive Oil's Quality

Castillo de Piñar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available in Bag-In-Box (BIB) packaging, which is ideal for restaurant kitchens and many other uses. The reduced weight and volume of this efficient and economic packaging allows it to be easily and inexpensively stored and transported, while the versatile size and practical design make it extremely easy to access in a busy kitchen.

Technical Specifications

Type of Oil

USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin


less and 0.2

Variety of Olives



Granada, Jaen, and Cordoba

Period of Harvest

November and December

Extraction System

"Cold Press" extracted within 6 hours of harvest solely by mechanical methods




The oil is green in color due to the high level of polyphenol antioxidants present during the harvest


250ml Bottle (24 per case), 500ml Bottle (12 per case), 5L, 10L, 20L Bag-in-Box (BIB), Drums, Totes, Flexi-tanks

High Volume Customers

If you are a restaurant or other business that utilizes olive in large quantities, please contact us to discuss volume discounts.