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Buy Two Bottles, Get Mister Free!
Olive Oil Mister
Olive Oil Mister - Convenient Application Control


Product Code: OOM-FREE

Olive Oil Bottles 2:

Free Mister with 2nd Bottle:
Organic EVOO 500ml [Add $21.99]
EVOO 500ml [Add $19.99]
Virgin 500ml [Add $16.99]
Organic EVOO 250ml [Add $13.99]
EVOO 250ml [Add $12.99]
Virgin 250ml [Add $10.99]

Product Description

Buy Any Two Olive Oil Bottles, Get the Olive Oil Mister for Free

Convenient Application Control - At a Great Price!

Simple select which two bottles you would like to purchase from the drop-down lists above, and you will receive a free Olive Oil Mister with your Purchase.

Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil Mister allows you to apply olive oil to the food you are preparing with greater control over the rate and quantity. It is attractive, durable, convenient to use, and easy to clean and refill.

The stainless steel housing preserves the flavor and quality of the oil, extends the shelf life by blocking out harmful light, and will not absorb odors or flavors. The non-aerosol plastic pump dispenses oil evenly and gradually for a consistent application. The built-in filters make it easy to add fresh ingredients like herbs and spices without clogging.

Perfect for roasting or grilling, the Mister is ideally suited for baking, for greasing pans, dressing salads and adding flavor to popcorn, chips, and other snacks, as well as making it easy to flavor meat and vegetables when baking or grilling.