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The water you drink may not be as clean as you think

But fresh water does more than just keep us hydrated. Water is also naturally a vehicle for conveying nutrients to our bodies. Many trace minerals that cannot be ingested by themselves (for example, gold) are conveyed to our bodies in very small quantities through the water we drink. Our bodies need these minerals in order for the electrochemical processes to function properly. Water naturally brings those elements into our digestive system as we drink it.

However, the same properties that make water a vehicle for communicating healthy minerals also make it a vehicle for carrying organic contaminants, toxic chemicals, and harmful heavy metals such as lead or mercury into our bloodstream.

Water – a neutral vehicle for nutrients… or toxins

The very characteristics that make water vital to life and that make it perfectly suited to its purpose of sustaining life also make it a deadly vehicle for disease and poison - if not filtered properly. Water can become dangerous for drinking in both natural ways, through microbiological organisms that grow in water, and through exposure to naturally occurring toxins in groundwater. It can also be polluted in artificial ways through runoff from industrial or agricultural pollution. Water can be contaminated with a wide variety of pollutants, poisons, and toxins. Here are some of the most common dangers found in water.

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