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3 Ways to Purify Water for Camping, Hiking and Survival

Water is essential to everything we do. It makes up our bodies, gives us life, sustains us, and can affect our health in big ways. Whether you’re drinking water from public sources, camping or hiking, traveling to a country where the water may be unsafe, or experiencing a natural disaster where the water supply is low or contaminated, knowing how to purify your water can keep you safe and alive.

There are several water purification methods to ensure the water you’re putting in your body is the cleanest it can be in any situation:

  1. Boiling. Untreated water, whether in nature or occasionally from your faucet at home, can contain bacteria that can make you sick. It’s important to boil this water to ensure that it’s safe for consumption. You can use your stove, a campfire or camping stove, or even a solar lens to boil the water to a high enough temperature for a sufficient length of time adequate for purification. The cons? Boiling water can be time consuming, should be done in small amounts, and needs time to cool before drinking.
  2. Chemical Treatments. There are also chemical ways to treat your water, mainly using iodine in either a tablet, crystal or liquid form. But, iodine does not improve the appearance of murky water and can affect the taste. Research also indicates that iodine doesn’t kill everything found in water in the United States. Liquid drops of chlorine dioxide or calcium hypochlorite (plain household bleach) can also be used to purify water. When using bleach, needed amounts vary -- some say four drops for two liters, some say five -- but you should wait 30 minutes to drink it.
  3. Water Filters. When you lack a heat supply, have too little time, or the sound of chemical treatments is unappealing and unclear, another great way to purify your water supply is with a portable water filter, such as the Clearbrook Water Filter Bottle. These bottles fit inside a bag or purse, are BPA free, and come in two versions, the High Flow Sport Filter and the High Performance Survival Filter, to help with common water purifying needs.

The High Flow Sport Filter is great for up to 100 gallons of water from municipal water sources to remove chlorine, lead, bad tastes and odors. The High Performance Survival Filter is recommended for up to 25 gallons from an outdoor water source to remove bacteria and cysts, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, bad tastes and odors. For both, the filter can be replaced and the bottle reused. Each comes in various sizes and two styles: one where you drink from the bottle and one with a straw.

Knowing how to make and keep your water safe can come in handy in many instances. See more of Clearbrook’s personal water purification options at