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Water filters and treatment systems come in all shapes and sizes. There are too many options sometimes. Lets look at some ways to help you make it simple. First...deciding which ones are right for you depends on where and how you intend to use the filter. So lets look at a few categories to help narrow down the selection. Clearbrook can provide you with the right model to make sure you have access to clean drinking water whenever you want it..

Personal Water Filters

Emergency Use Water Filters

Household or Business Water Filters

Household or Business Water Filters are designed for WELL WATER or MUNICIPAL WATER use and come in a variety of types. When selecting, choose either municipal or well water type first. Then choose the type you are looking for. Usually both WELL WATER and MUNICIPAL WATER Filters are available in the following types of filters:

Water Filter Bottles

A Personal Water Filter

This simple but sophisticated product makes water filtration portable. It simply consists of a bottle and a filter. The filter may be integrated with the push/pull cap of the filter bottle or may be integrated with a straw. Various types of filters can be used with various types of bottles, so it is important to understand the level of filtration the filter provides and select the filter type that is appropriate for your purpose and use.

Recommended for emergency preparedness, foreign travel, hiking, hunting, fishing, ball games, camping, school, office, and other private uses: The Clearbrook Water Filter Bottles.

Countertop Filters

A Household or Business Water Filter

Countertop Water Filters are a useful appliance for kitchens. They can be filled manually or connected by tubing to an existing kitchen sink faucet. Some countertop systems may filter the water through a gravity-fed filter or through reverse osmosis. The treated water dispenses out of a return tube from the faucet, or from a spout on the system.

Recommended: The Berkey Water Filter System.

Under-Sink Filters

A Household or Business Water Filter

Under sink water filtration systems are installed under the kitchen or bathroom sink and require a permanent connection to an existing water pipe. The filtered water is dispensed through the existing sink faucet, or through an auxiliary faucet mounted next to the kitchen sink.

Bar Tap and Ice Machine Filters

Including refrigerator ice machines

Filters designed for use under counter and behind refrigerators made for better tasting, chemical-free and contaminant-free ice and bar tap water.

  • Recommended for all ice machines and bar taps using municipal water sources: Clearbrook 5K JG - Lasts for 3 years.
  • Recommended for all ice machines and bar taps using well water sources: Clearbrook Well Water Sink Filter - Cartridge Type, under counter only


Small gravity type replaceable water filter in a pitcher

These units come in several sizes ranging from 1.5 to 3 liters for keeping a limited amount of filtered water available for immediate use. Most are used to keep water refrigerated. Make sure you look at filter life. Some units require new filters too often and are expensive compared to other types.

Recommended for portable household use, choose long lasting filters only

Faucet System

Designed for kitchen sinks

A variety of brands and types of faucet systems are available for municipal water. Some may also work in well water applications. These filters only last for about 90 days...some may last for 6 months.

Not recommended: Replacement filters are needed to often. Filters are not long lasting and are more expensive when compared to other types of filters.

Whole House Systems

A Whole House System is a Point of Entry Water Filter System that treats all or most of the water at the point at which it enters a residence. They are usually installed after the water meter. In cold-weather climates, they may be in the basement of a house. In warm weather climates, they may be in the garage or outside of the house.

Recommended for well water applications and whole house use: The Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter System.

Other Filter Systems


Distillers heat water to speed up evaporation and then collect the water vapor as it condenses, killing disease-causing microbes, evaporating some toxins to gas and leaving other solids and chemical contaminants in the raw water reservoir. Distilled water may taste flat to some people because the water’s natural minerals and dissolved oxygen often have been removed.

Recommended for professional and or commercial industrial use.

Not recommend for everyday drinking water: distillers for drinking water or for household use remove the beneficial minerals from the water and require periodic cleaning.

Reverse Osmosis Units

There are two types of Reverse Osmosis is designed to make fresh water from sea, ocean, brackish or salt water. The lesser technology is made for fresh water only.

Reverse osmosis units force water through a specially made semi-permeable membrane under pressure, leaving most contaminants behind. Reverse osmosis units typically use more water than they treat, but are effective in eliminating all disease-causing organisms and most chemical contaminants.

True RO, or the salt water type of RO, are very effective units and often expensive. These units are great for offshore and commercial applications and are not widely available for household applications.

The Household or Fresh Water Type utilize a different type of fiber than the salt water type and operate with much less pressure. These filters do not remove all types of organisms and contaminants unless purchased with multiple cartridge assemblies rated for actual claims and similar to the filters offered above. These units are also more expensive than most other type filters rated for same capacity.

Recommended for offshore and some professional, commercial and industrial use.

Not recommended for typical household use.

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