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Travel Berkey Water Filter System
Travel Berkey Water Filter System

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Safe Clean, Great Tasting Water Wherever You Go

Travel Berkey water filter system can provide you with access to safe, clean water not matter where you go. The Travel Berkey is great for backpacking, hiking, camping, for students at college, on your desk at work or when travelling the world for business or pleasure. Travel Berkeys are great to use every day, or just to have in case of an emergency.

Powerful Water Filtering Technology

Travel Berkey filters are capable of purifying both treated water and untreated raw water from any source, including lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, and even water in foreign countries where regulations may be substandard.

Travel Berkey water filters are so powerful that they are able to remove red food coloring from water - without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs!

Travel Berkey Filters are perfect for everyday use, but they are an absolute necessity in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

Durable Stainless Steel Housing

Constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel, Travel Berkey water filters come with two purification elements and utilize the latest technological advances.

The Travel Berkey system has a storage capacity of about 1.5 gallons (5.7 liters) and when in use it stands 18” in height with a diameter of 7.5”. When disassembled, the upper chamber of the Travel Berkey nests within the lower chamber and stands only 12” in height, which makes it comact for easing packing, carrying or storing.

Configured with two Black Berkey purification elements the system will purify up to 2.5 Gallons (9.5 liters) per hour*. The Travel Berkey filter system can be expanded to use four purification elements and is capable of purifying up to 8 Gallons (30.3 liters) per hour*.

* Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines