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Sprite Bath Ball - White
Sprite Bath Ball - White

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Product Description


Sprite Bath ball helps remove chlorine from bath water, balancing the pH and infusing it with natural minerals. Chlorine can cause skin irritation, including dryness, scale, and itchiness. Sprite Bath Ball can be especially helpful for those with skin rashes. Vaporized chlorine can irritate the soft tissues of the mouth, throat and lungs. Sprite Bath Ball can ease your breathing while in the bath.

Easy Installation

  1. Clean off the tub spout so hanger will stick in place.
  2. Remove the Red Tape-Liner from the top of the back of the hanger.
  3. Center the front notch of the hanger under the back lip of the spout.
  4. Press the back of the hanger onto the tub spout.
  5. Secure the hanger onto the tub spout with the velcro straps.
  6. Hang the bath ball onto the hanger hooks.
  7. Very easy to use, just turn on the bath, without overflowing the filter.
  8. Good for about 50 baths; or 5 months.

Benefits of the Sprite Bath Ball

Chlorgon filters chlorine so bath water is chemical-free and easy on your skin. Makes your bath feel great because mineral balls add minerals and soften the water. Balances bath water pH so you feel clean and refreshed after your bath.

Simple to Use

Just run the bath water a bit slower than usual so the water does not overflow and bypass the filter. If you want unfiltered bath water for washing the tub, just unhook the bath ball and set it aside to let the water flow without the filter in place.