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Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter System
Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter

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Clearbrook Whole House Filter System filters water before it enters your house so that you and your family can be safe and enjoy clean, refreshing water for drinking, bathing & washing.

Dependable, Affordable, Effective

Clearbrook Multistage Whole House Water Filter System provides you with a household water filter system that is dependable, affordable, and effective.

Environmentally Friendly

Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter uses powerful new green technology to lead the industry in improving the health of your family and the environment.

  • No Salt
  • No Potassium
  • No Chemicals


Durable, corrosion-free construction of Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter Systems guarantees years of trouble-free operation. The lead-free control valve provides higher flow rates without diminishing the powerful filtration.


Clearbrook uses a very special blend of catalyst combined to reduce contaminants by 99.99% or more including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), lead and other heavy metals, cysts, E Coli, Guardia, Cryptosporidium, taste and odors.

  • Removes ultra-fine sediment and silts
  • Hydrophobic organic molecules, such as pesticides like VOC’s, DDT and fuel residue
  • Dissolved organic contaminants like chloroform and carcinogenic toxins
  • Lead and other heavy metals

For Homes with Municipal Water

Municipal water utilities are aging, and each year news reports are issued about communities exposed to toxic levels of pollutants as a result of the failure of municipal water treatment plants. The EPA does not regulate testing for all chemicals, and too many plants have questionable protocols and are sometimes non-compliant. Filtering your water before it enters your home provides additional safety and security so you can be ensured your family's health is not impaired by poor water quality. Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter System delivers pure, fresh, clean tasting water for homes that utilize water that has been treated by a municipal water treatment facility to assure your family's health and peace of mind.

Custom Formulated For Home with Well Water

Clearbrook Whole House Filters can be customized to remove the contaminants in your well water. Homes with well water often experience various contaminant problems including turbidity, or sediment, high levels of naturally occurring minerals and a broad list of pollutants coming from runoff from farming or industrial plants. WELL WATER COMES FROM UNDERGROUND AQUIFERS AND RESERVOIRS that sometimes run underground for miles. Natural well water does not undergo preliminary testing or treatment. The source of your well water can be changed at any time from contaminants entering the aquifer or water source. Contaminants enter aquifers from industry, agriculture, and other commercial and individual sources making pure water almost impossible to find.

In addition, well water often contains the following naturally occurring contaminants:

  • Sulfur -Causes a 'rotten-egg' odor.
  • Iron -Reddish-brown rust stains on sinks and toilets.
  • Calcium -White 'scale' residue on sinks and toilets.

Clearbrook Whole House Filters can can remove the sediment and various contaminants before it enters your home making it clean and pure for drinking and all other household uses.

To order a custom Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter for your home with well well, please Contact Us to conduct a Water Quality Analysis and determine your water filtration needs.

Convenient to Install, Easy to Maintain

The Clearbrook Whole House Filter comes with everything you need for assembly, easy-to-understand installation instructions and an easy-to-use manual backwash system that keeps the filter media bed clean and ready to perform. It should be installed by a licensed plumber.

Optional Stainless Steel Tank

Clearbrook Whole House Water Filter System can be ordered with a stainless steel filter media tank. To order this option, please Contact Us.