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Clearbrook 5K Fridge Filter - JG
Clearbrook 5K Fridge Filter

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3 Year Refrigerator / Ice Machine Filter for Pure, Clear, Great-Tasting Ice and Drinking Water

Clearbrook 5K Fridge Filter treats the water to your refrigerator for 3 years so you can relax and enjoy pure ice and water without any bad taste or odor, free from Chlorine and other contaminants. Everything is included for for installation. No replacement parts of filter cartridges for 3 years. Clearbrook filters are made to last so you can have peace of mind and move on to something else.

Clearbrook 5K Refrigerator / Ice Machine Filter

for Clear, Contaminant-free, Pure Tasting Water

Clearbrook Refrigerator / Ice Machine Filter is made from a multi-blend of catalysts that remove the contaminants commonly found in municipal water so you can drink safely and utilize local water sources as intended.

  • Bad Tastes & Odors
  • Chlorine and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
  • Lead and other Heavy Metals

Clearbrook 5K Fridge Filter lasts much longer than most other filters at 3 years

Unlike ordinary filters, which only last for months, Clearbrook Ice Machine Filters will last a minimum of 3 years. Clearbrook can manufacture filters that last only 3 to 6 months but there is little value in shortening the lifetime of filters. Clearbrook wants you to install it and forget about it. Go do something else with your time and heard-earned money. Install it and forget about it...Clearbrook Ice Machine Filters last for 3 long years.

A Refrigerator / Ice Machine Filter that is Easy to Install

The Clearbrook 5K Refrigerator / Ice Machine Filter comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions and everything that is needed for installation, including John Guess ("JG") connectors for 1/4" hoses, and takes only minutes to install. It requires no maintenance. Clearbrook 5K Fridge Filter filters fit neatly behind any refrigerator. Just turn the water off, drain the pressure, cut the water line that feeds into your refrigerator or ice machine and push both sides of the cut tube into the special connections. That's it...your filter is installed.

High Capacity?

This is the perfect filter for your commercial ice machine. If used everyday...upgrade to the Clearbrook 10K Ice Machine Filter.